All license needs are covered on Canyon Lady. Trips can be arranged from list below in any combination as long as in season. 

Canyon Lady II has Plenty of room to fish. Deep drop Tile and Jigging trips are limited to 5 anglers, so each has the needed space with personalized attention to help you limit out on your quarry. We supply the Jigging tackle, 2 speed manual reels and electric reels, so you can experiment trying different methods and see what you enjoy using the most. The Canyon Lady II is equipped for offshore fishing and your comfort. It’s 840 horsepower twin turbo diesels will get you to the fishing grounds fast. The cabin is air conditioned and heated with a Fridge, Microwave, Dinette seating, and an immaculate bathroom with hot and cold water. The cabin offers a comfortable place to get out of the sun, to nap or just mellow out.

Customize your trip for your situation

Trip 1 Inshore Day Trip

$1,200.00 Full Boat up to 6
  • Local Reef and Wreck. Family and Friends. trips up to 20 miles offshore. Includes Black Sea Bass, Fluke, Porgy, mackerel and any combination in season.
  • You just need your food and drink

Trip 2

$650.00 pp 200+ miles
  • “I have no Time” Canyon Deep Drop Tile Trip. 17-hour trip. Leave dock 2am, return 7pm on the same day. Designed for people that don’t have the 2 or more days required for these trips on the Big Boats. These trips are Limited to 5 anglers to provide 1 on 1 attention and more space. We provide full Tutorials on the Canyon Lady II system of success. Each person “limiting out” is typical. If you have equipment great. If not or you want to try different tackle before you buy, Great. We supply what you need. We’ve been tile fishing for years. Call Capt. Dave P for more info. 516-658-8247

Trip 3

$650.00- $700.00 pp 200 + miles
  • Another ‘I Have No Time” Seasonal trip. There are certain times of the year where Tuna are present on the tile grounds and can be caught by Chunking, bait fishing or jigging. The extra cost is for the flats of Butterfish, Sardines, Herring and Mackerel for the trip. You can also opt to target only Tuna.
  • For more info call Capt. Dave P 516-658-8247

Trip 4

$675.00pp 200+ miles
  • Tuna Trolling can also be added to any “I Have no Time “trip. This trip can also focus on Just trolling. I constantly track tuna and the methods they are being caught at the time. The additional charges are for the extra fuel needed and special trolling baits like Ballyhoo. If this interests you, Call and well talk about timing and let you know how productive it’s been. I hate to waste time.
  • Call Capt. Dave P 516-658-8247

Trip 5

$650.00pp 200 + miles
  • Identical to Trip 2. Late July and August the Gulf Stream water brings in Mahi. After we limit on Tiles, we switch over to light Spinning tackle and “Pot Hop” for Mahi Mahi. There is no additional charge for this unless the group wants to make Mahi fishing the day’s focus. In that case there will be a 25.00pp up charge for additional fuel.
  • Call Capt. Dave P 516-658-8247

Trip 6

$550.00pp 120+ miles
  • Near Shore Bluefin / Yellowfin Tuna. Trolling, Jigging, Chunk/ Bait fishing as season appropriate. Everything needed to fish is supplied. Leave 2 am to be on the bite at Sun-up. Charter keeps all fish. Typically June -???.
  • Call Capt. Dave P 516-658-8247
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